1. Presenter(s): Michael Williams, California State University Channel Islands
    Title: Inverted Cassini Ovals and Their Surfaces
    Poster Area(s): Geometry, Algebra

  2. Presenter(s): Nicholas Drain, California Lutheran University
    Title: Public Key Cryptography Using Graph Theory
    Poster Area(s): Graph Theory/Combinatorics

  3. Presenter(s): Jacob Cornejo, California State University - Long Beach
    Title: Matrix-valued Holomorphic Cross-sections Over an Annulus
    Poster Area(s): Analysis

  4. Presenter(s): Johnny Sierra and Jessica Toy, Cal State LA Mathematics Dept.
    Title: Antimagic Labeling of Forest
    Poster Area(s): Graph Theory/Combinatorics

  5. Presenter(s): Valerie Trujillo and Michael Yates, University of La Verne/Cal Poly Pomona
    Title: PRYME Pomona Hope
    Poster Area(s): Education/Pedagogy

  6. Presenter(s): Clayton Coe, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Title: Generalization of Problem 4716 from Crux Mathematicorum
    Poster Area(s): Geometry, Algebra

  7. Presenter(s): Jonathan Cervantes, California State University, Los Angeles
    Title: Coloring Abelian Cayley Graphs
    Poster Area(s): Graph Theory/Combinatorics, Algebra

  8. Presenter(s): Ricardo Suarez, UNITO (University of Turin) and CSUCI
    Title: Idempotent Clifford Bundles
    Poster Area(s): Geometry, Algebra, Topology

  9. Presenter(s): Dylan Stover, California State University Channel Islands
    Title: Introduction to Numerical Sets and Primality
    Poster Area(s): Education/Pedagogy

  10. Presenter(s): Zoe Batterman, Pomona College
    Title: Metrics on Ideals and the Hausdorff Distance
    Poster Area(s): Analysis, Algebra

  11. Presenter(s): Erik Bravo, CSU Channel Islands
    Title: Students and the Struggle with Mathematical Quantifiers
    Poster Area(s): Education/Pedagogy, Understanding Mathematical Quantifiers

  12. (Virtual) Presenter(s): Steven Jang, Cal Poly Pomona
    Title: Computing an Interesting Limit
    Poster Area(s): Analysis

  13. (Virtual) Presenter(s): Citlalli Villegas, California State University Channel Islands
    Title: Understanding of Mathematical Induction
    Poster Area(s): Education/Pedagogy, Mathematical Proofs

  14. Presenter(s): Natasha Arnold, Tianna Couch, Brandon Douglas, Tadius Frank, and Christina Marsh, Cal Poly Pomona/Pomona College
    Title: Searching for Black Women in Mathematics
    Poster Area(s): History/Philosophy of Mathematics

  15. Presenter(s): Dante Christian, Virgil Munyemana, and Erin Sewell, Pomona College
    Title: Modern Magic: Black Math PhDs from 2000 to Present
    Poster Area(s): History/Philosophy of Mathematics

  16. Presenter(s): Daniel Agbeo, Kamil English, Reia Li, and Devon Woodfine, Pomona College
    Title: Filling the Gaps: Numbers of Black PhD Recipients in Mathematics
    Poster Area(s): History/Philosophy of Mathematics

  17. Presenter(s): Dylan Joseph Stover, California State University Channel Islands
    Title: Investigating Diagonalizable Matrices Modulo m
    Poster Area(s): Number Theory, Algebra

  18. (Virtual) Presenters(s): Karthik Mittal, Aditya Mittal, James Logan High School
    Title: Determining Smallest Path Size of Multiplication Transducers Without a Restricted Digit Set